How to Tell Children They Should Wear Clothes
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How to Tell Children They Should Wear Clothes

Every morning it’s the same: you want your child to get dressed and he doesn’t. From stubborn arguing to throwing a screaming, kicking tantrum, the battle over the clothes is fatiguing. Your choices appear limited; you can insist on unquestioned obedience on pain of punishment or you can give in and label yourself as a wimpy mom ruled by her child. These aren’t your only choices, however. There are things you can do to convince your child to wear clothes.


Step 1

Allow your child to have some freedom to run around without clothes. Tell her that she can wear her diaper or panties only, when she’s at home and there are no guests.

Step 2

Talk about times when wearing clothes are necessary. Do this when it’s not a confrontation. Mention that he can’t go swimming without a swimsuit. That he has to wear shorts and a top to go to the amusement park. He needs warm clothes to go outside and build snowmen.

Step 3

Look at clothes in catalogs with your child. Let her point out the ones she likes. Glue her face onto a paper doll and let her dress the doll with either the clothes that come with the paper doll or with pictures of clothes cut out of the catalog.

Step 4

Take your child clothes shopping with you. Make a big day of it. Let him choose between several outfits. Buy a look-alike outfit for your son and your husband.

Step 5

Make a cardboard chart for getting dressed. Whenever your child gets dressed without fussing, let her put a star on the chart. Set prizes for different levels of star; for instance an ice cream sundae for every three stars, a new toy for ten stars and so on.

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