Packing for a Pregnancy Hospital Stay
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Packing for a Pregnancy Hospital Stay

The nursery is finished, the tiny outfits are washed and folded and the house is neat as a pin. What’s left to do to prepare for your new arrival? Packing for pregnancy is not too complicated, but it’s a wise decision to do it ahead of time in case your little bundle of joy decides he has his own agenda. Once your bag is packed you can keep it by the door and be ready to roll when the big event finally arrives.

Step 1

Anxiously Waiting?

Choose your clothing first. Pack a robe and two nightgowns (with front openings if you plan to nurse) as well as several pair of underwear and a loose fitting outfit to wear home. Something that was comfortable at about six months into your pregnancy will be perfect.

Step 2

Add two pair of warm socks and a pair of slippers. If you’re planning to nurse, pack two nursing bras.

Step 3

Include personal items such as extra contact lenses and supplies, glasses, your favorite shampoo, conditioner and soap, and add a box of overnight sanitary pads in case you don’t like the ones the hospital supplies.

Step 4

Place cosmetics, toothbrush, deodorant, lotion, toothpaste, hairbrush and combs in a smaller bag that will fit inside your suitcase.

Step 5

New Arrival

Purchase a book, several magazines and a puzzle book for your hospital stay. Believe it or not, your labor may not be all that tough and you might welcome a distraction. A supply of paper and pens will be handy to jot down feeding times and any tips you receive from the nurses.

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