Removing Sand From a Bathing Suit
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Removing Sand From a Bathing Suit

A day at the beach may sound ideal, but having a bathing suit full of sand isn’t so fun. It’s possible to get the sand out of your swimsuit without wearing out the fabric in the washing machine.

Step 1

Shake the bathing suit off outside immediately after beach use. Then turn the suit inside out and shake it well. Don’t wait until the sand has caked on or gotten ground into the fibers of the swimsuit. Brush off any caked on sand.

Step 2

Allow the bathing suit to dry completely (but not in the sun). Find a shady spot outside or hang your bathing suit up in the bathroom until it is completely dry.

Step 3

Repeat step 1 with your dry swimsuit. You removed most of the step with that initial shake-down, but when the swimsuit is wet some sand will still cling to it. So repeat the shaking and brushing off process with the dry suit to remove the sand that remains.

Step 4

Wash your swimsuit with soap and lukewarm water. Use 1 tbsp. of a gentle detergent and a sink full of lukewarm water. Gently swish your suit around in the water, rinse and repeat as needed until it feels clean and smells fresh.

Step 5

Allow the suit to dry thoroughly before putting it away in a drawer or closet.

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