Dinner Party Decorating
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Dinner Party Decorating

A dinner party is a cozy way to get together with girlfriends and other couples. It can be formal or casual, hosted for an intimate group of four or a more lively group of eight. The dinner party could have a theme, including a location, a season or an event.

Step 1

Decide if you want to host a formal or casual dinner party and how many guests you can accommodate at the table. For a formal party, all guests should be seated together. At a more casual party, guests could sit at an extra table or in-kitchen bar with bar stools.

Step 2

Photo byFrenchByte/Sxc.hu

Dress the table with a protective table cover. Add a tablecloth which fits the dinner party’s casual or formal mood. Layer the table with a table runner and with cloth place mats. Stick with matching colors for a formal party or mix and match placemat colors to add whimsy.

Step 3

Formal table setting; Wikimedia Commons

Set the table with the dinner plate at the center, the forks on the left and the knife then the spoon on the right. A formal setting with more than one fork should be arranged from out to in, in order of use.

Step 4

Photo by ngould/Sxc.hu

Fold a cloth napkin or tuck it into a wine glass on the table. Cloth napkins may also be used to add extra color to the table top setting, or be placed on top of cushioned chairs for decorative color or fabric protection.

Step 5

Make place cards for the guests using a folded piece of card stock. For a formal party write down the guest names and place them on the plates. At a casual party, write positive adjectives instead of names, including fun, nice, outgoing, creative, warm and likable.

Step 6

Photo by tlz3/Sxc.hu

Place a large bowl in the center of the table. Add a drop of food coloring to color the water. Add floating candles to the bowl and flower heads. Light the candles when guests arrive.


  • Do not place scented candles on the dinner table, use unscented ones instead.
  • Do not leave fragrant, fresh flowers on the table during dinner.
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