Use Natural Progesterone When Trying to Conceive
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Use Natural Progesterone When Trying to Conceive

The time of your life when you’re trying to conceive a baby can be a stressful and difficult time, especially if it does not happen easily. Before you seek out medical fertility treatments, you may want to try natural progesterone cream. Natural progesterone creams can supplement your own hormones in several different ways; it encourages successful conception and pregnancy.

Step 1

Chart your menstrual cycle. Use a basal body thermometer and fertility signs–including cervical mucus and position–to understand when your body is ovulating. This information is critical if you plan to use natural progesterone when trying to conceive. A Website like Fertility Friend can be helpful (see Resources).

Step 2

Choose a good quality natural progesterone cream, available at your local health food store or from online retailers like Beyond Fertility (see Resources). Look for progesterone creams that contain 450 to 500 mg. of progesterone per ounce. This is 1.6% by weight or around 3% by volume. Choosing a progesterone cream in this range will allow you to use an appropriate amount of the cream. Gels and mists are equally effective, assuming the hormone levels are the same. Progesterone supplements are also available in capsule form; however, the hormone is most effectively absorbed through the skin.

Step 3

Wait until ovulation has occurred to begin using progesterone cream. An ovulation predictor kit or spike in basal body temperature can confirm ovulation. Apply approximately 1/4 teaspoon to thin skinned areas of the body–like the neck, chest or inner arms daily.

Step 4

Continue using progesterone cream until you confirm that a pregnancy has not occurred. You can typically test for pregnancy around when your period should be due, or 14 days after ovulation. If you are not pregnant, stop using natural progesterone cream until after your next ovulation.

Step 5

Use progesterone throughout the early part of pregnancy if you have conceived. Healthy progesterone levels can support your pregnancy until the placenta takes over shortly before the end of the first trimester, and progesterone supplementation is often used to reduce the risk of miscarriage.


  • Avoid wild yam creams. These are not proven effective.
  • Do consult with a physical or health care provider if you have any pre-existing health conditions that could complicate trying to conceive.

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