How to Choose the Right Underwear
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How to Choose the Right Underwear

Every woman should have several pairs of panties for different occasions. There are so many underwear choices for women these days that it is easy to get confused about what you should wear and when, though. Thankfully, there are some tried and true underwear selecting tips that will help any woman make the right choice. It just all depends on your body type, modesty level and how the underwear will work with what you are wearing.

Step 1

Steer clear of see-through mishaps. If you are wearing sheer clothing, it is best to go with a pair of panties that is in a skin tone color. Lighter women will want to choose a buff or nude color, while darker women may need a tan or brown undergarment.

Step 2

Make sure that your underwear isn’t visible in your outfit. Avoid the peek-a-boo look by choosing a low cut briefs to wear with low ride jeans.

Step 3

Choose the perfect fit. If the underwear rides up, curls up around the waist or pinches, then you will need to choose a larger size. If the underwear sags around the crotch or falls down, you will need to go down in size.

Step 4

Complement your assets. Women who love their booty should choose a fanny flaunting thong or comfy, yet sexy, boy shorts. Show off a toned belly with bikini briefs.

Step 5

Hide your flaws. If you need to suck it in or banish a roll, select a control top or slimming pair of panties. These are usually high-waisted panties that push excess fat back so that the stomach looks flatter. These can usually be purchased in most department stores.

Step 6

Add assets. There are now panties that can give you a little extra junk-in-the-trunk without surgery. These panties have padding or silicone in the butt area to give you a little more curve. Some brands of “body shaping” underwear include Silicone Body, Bubbles Bodywear and Feel Foxy.

Step 7

Lift and separate. There are also “body shaping” panties that are specifically designed to lift the butt and to help users avoid “monobutt.” These panties are often made from stretchy, form fitting material. The cheek area is often cut out to create the boost and separation. These panties can be purchased from specialty undergarment shops.

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