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Ways to Tell My Husband I’m Pregnant

The excitement of a positive pregnancy test makes most women want to share the news with anyone who will listen. A more creative approach to alert your husband to his upcoming dad duties adds to the excitement, creating a special memory for both of you. It takes a little patience to organize a creative announcement but the look on his face is worth the effort.


A baby-related gift to your husband makes the surprise special. Choose a bib, sleeper or other item for the baby and place it in a gift box. The surprise is even better if the baby item mentions “Daddy” on it. Another option is to buy him a Dad shirt to clue him in on the pregnancy. Wrapping the positive pregnancy test is another option for the gift. Hand him the box and see how long it takes him to connect the dots to realize he’ll soon be a daddy.

Sibling Involvement

If you have older children or a cherished pet, let them share the news with your husband. Dress your child in a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” shirt as a greeting to daddy after a day at work. If your pet delivers the message, write a message on a piece of paper and tie it to the pet’s collar. This option makes the announcement a family affair.

Treasure Hunt

Set up a treasure hunt for your husband. Create a series of clues that lead him around the house or even around the neighborhood. The treasure hunt is more meaningful if the clues relate to memories the two of you share or special spots you enjoy together. Set up the final clue in the future nursery with a sign or the positive pregnancy test. You can also place a rocking chair or piece of baby gear in the room as the hint.

Home Movie

A home movie allows you to relive some of the past moments with your husband. If you’re comfortable with video editing software, create a movie of video clips and photos of the two of you. Photo editing companies can handle the work for you if you prefer. At the end, add a photo of the positive pregnancy test along with a message about how the future is about to change.


This option is similar to the home movie announcement in scrapbook form. Decorate the beginning pages of the scrapbook with pictures of the two of you. Create a page with a picture of the pregnancy test announcing the pregnancy. For a sentimental touch, write a letter to your husband about the happy occasion. Create template pages for the rest of the book that will some day hold pictures of the baby.

Edible Announcement

Your husband’s favorite dessert is a delicious way to announce his new fatherhood status. There are several cute edible announcement ideas. A decorated cake with the announcement written in icing is a simple idea. Bake letter-shaped sugar cookies that spell out the announcement. A fresh-baked cinnamon roll is another option to tell your husband there’s a bun in the oven.

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