Effects Green Tea Has on Weight Loss
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Effects Green Tea Has on Weight Loss

Green tea is found in all types of weight loss products, from gum to energy shakes. Though the research isn’t 100 percent conclusive, there are some studies that show that green tea can aid in weight loss when consumed in tea or capsule form.

Aids in Burning Calories

Research published in The Journal of Medical Investigation found that green tea can help dieters burn up to 70 to 80 calories a day. In the study, subjects drank five cups of green tea a day, so dieters must be committed to consuming a lot of tea to achieve these results.
A study published in The Journal of Nutrition also found that drinking 625mg of green tea per day speeds up weight loss when used in conjunction with exercise.

Aids in Dropping Pounds

Research by the University of Geneva and University of Birmingham has found that green tea can also help in weight loss. The research found that an individual can lose approximately 10 pounds in six weeks by adding green tea to his diet because it can raise metabolic rates, which burns more calories. The researchers concluded that the boost in metabolism may be due to the caffeine in the tea. In the study, subjects took three green tea extract capsules a day, though the exact dosage was not disclosed.

Aids in Increasing Energy

In a study by the Department of Human Biology at Maastricht University, researchers found that subjects who drank green tea became more energetic. Since they were more energetic they burnt more calories and lost weight. The subjects in this test also consumed green tea extract capsules.

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