Beautiful and Easy Summer Makeup Tips
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Beautiful and Easy Summer Makeup Tips

This summer is all about keeping your face looking fresh and natural. Summer is a time for sunshine and outdoor fun and making things as easy as possible. It’s also a time when heat and outdoor living can take a toll on your face. This summer, go easy on your makeup by recreating a regimen to fit this season’s natural look.

Summer Colors

This summer, go light: Pale pastels and vivid tropical colors offer a nice complement to summer clothing, and rather than going dark and drab, keep things light and bright. A subtle periwinkle blue or lavender eye shadow can brighten the eyes without overpowering them. While skin tone will have a lot to do with which shade of blush or lipstick is the most flattering, the summer is not the time to wear a heavy burgundy lipstick or deep cinnamon blush. Go with a brilliant pink shade of blush or a peach lipstick for a soft summer look.

Waterproof Makeup

Heat and perspiration can cause makeup to melt away quickly during the summer. Waterproof makeup products can help combat this problem. Crease proof eye shadows combined with waterproof eyeliners, and mascaras keep eye makeup on the eyes where it belongs and help to avoid the dreaded “raccoon eye.” Waterproof concealers and foundations keep skin tones even all day in spite of high humidity. Another great alternative and beauty editor favorite is the newest fad of tinting the lashes – it’s a much more easy and natural look.

Mineral foundations

Heavy cream foundations are not only unflattering on a bright summer day, but they can also be very uncomfortable. Mineral powder foundations offer a lighter touch and a more natural look for the summer. These foundations are sheer, mineral-based powders that are extremely fine. They are applied quickly and lightly with a makeup brush. Use your mineral foundation only where you need it — not all over your face. Remember, go light this summer!


Makeup primers can help keep cosmetics in place on the hottest days. Most primers are gel-based products that contain no oil. Much like a paint primer, applying a makeup primer to the face first provides a smooth surface for makeup’s application, ensuring that it will stay in place longer in spite of weather conditions.


Bronzers add a pop of sun-kissed color to summer makeup. While blush adds a rosy glow to the cheeks, bronzer adds a hint of a warm bronze color that gives the impression of a subtle suntan. Apply bronzer with a brush to any area where the sun would normally land, such as the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Don’t go to heavy though — you don’t want to look too sculpted, it will age you.


Instead of powder blush over your bronzer and foundation, just dab a cheek stain on the apples of your cheeks. It gives you a glow without going too heavy. You can also use cheek chains on the lips too, for just a subtle hint of color.

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