Memorial Day Style: The Mini
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Memorial Day Style: The Mini

The mini skirt is back in a huge way and is a perfect thing to wear at your upcoming BBQ: Wear it short (of course) in neutrals, prints or stripes. There are so many options out there from high end to super reasonable, and there are lots of cute things to wear it with. Here are our favorite picks..Oh and moms, you CAN wear a mini and not look like you’re trying too hard, here’s how:

1. Floral

Sooo pretty and feminine and especially appropriate when paired with a tailored longer jacket.
MM Tip: Dress it down by wearing a casual tee or tank top.

2. Ruffle

There’s nothing more flirty than a ruffle skirt. Great when your legs are tan, on vacation or even going to the beach or pool, then dressing up with heels at night.
MM Tip: Off set the feminine a little bit by wearing booties with a ruffle skirt or a vintage t-shirt. In the fall, you can add light leggings.

3. Sparkle

How cute is this for a night out on the town? Dress it up with a light turtleneck or button-down shirt, add high black heels for extra snazz.
MM Tip: Flat gladiators will spice this up even more!

4. Pleated

A modern twist on pleats. This can be worn to the office and on more conservative occasions too. Then again, if you’re in a bind and want something sexy to wear to dinner, wear a thin black tank, add oversized jewelry and heels and voila.
MM Tip: Adding white will make this outfit feel a little too “safari”– add color instead!

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