Lunchtime Makeovers: 5 Minutes to A New You!
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Lunchtime Makeovers: 5 Minutes to A New You!

For most of moms out there, we don’t have the time (or the dough), nor do we necessarily want to, have invasive surgery to look younger. But it seems that many of you would dive into changing your body and/or your face — if surgery was free that is. It turns out though, that you don’t have to go under the knife to look ten years younger, or to preserve your youth — Modernmom visited Laser Away in Santa Monica, California and got the scoop on all the latest treatments that can be done in just a matter of minutes. Check this out:


Photofacials are gaining popularity because they make such a difference in your skin and take only about 15 minutes. It’s an all over laser treatment that plumps up the skin and erases sun spots or damage. It also produces collagen giving the face a fresh, younger look, plus it kills bacteria, so it’s great for acne-prone skin. The treatments are somewhat on the expensive side but have long lasting effects. They are roughly $300 per treatment, but if you get a package you can get a better deal.


Botox has been around for a while now, but it’s something that can really make you feel and look better. It basically freezes the face stopping wrinkles from forming deeper. No, you do not have to look totally frozen like some celebrities out there, but you will definitely look refreshed and less tired. It’s such a great treatment for moms who look tired and need a little pick me up, plus it lasts 3-6 months! The price of botox ranges but is usually roughly $300-$600 per treatment. If you think about it, that’s equal to a latte a day (so not THAT bad!).


According to the experts at Laser Away, Radiesse is an instant quick fix for deep folds in the skin. It restores youth, instantly making you look fuller in the face. For moms after they’ve given birth and gained and then lost a bunch of weight, this is somewhat of a miracle treatment and in only about 20 minutes will make you look totally refreshed and plumped up.


Juvederm is another form of a filler, but as opposed to Radiesse it’s just a teensy bit thinner and doesn’t have as much of an instant impact as Radius does. Juvederm is a little more subtle and can make your face look fuller right away. It costs anywhere between $600-$900 and lasts up to a year.


THIS moms, is something the experts at Laser Away are raving about! It literally takes the loose skin from pregnancy and flattens it in just a few treatments. With something like a tummy-tuck, recovery time and cost would be way more than Thermage, which is totally non invasive and can be done in about two hours. It’s the “non-surgical tummy tuck. ” You will have immediate results in one treatement as it will literally iron your skin. It’s about $2,500 — expensive but way cheaper than going under the knife!

About Laser Away

With 6 offices throughout Southern California, Laser Away is becoming LA’s premiere place for preserving youth, offering the most advanced laser hair removal, tattoo removal, skin care and anti-aging procedures available. They have some of the industry’s premiere medical staff, including Dr. Shalini Kapoor, a prominent and skilled Double Board Certified Eye and Multidisciplinary Laser Surgeon specializing in Laser Refractive Surgery (LASIK), Aesthetic Laser Surgery for total Facial and Body Rejuvenation as well as Facial Aesthetics and advanced injectable and shaping procedures including BOTOX and fillers. Want to know more about Laser Away?


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