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Why Babies Say “Dada” First

It happened. Just as everyone told me it would. My baby found her voice and started saying “dada”– just one day, out of the blue dadadadadadadada. I wasn’t surprised, because every mom out there has laughingly said “just wait, you carry them, you take care of them and then they say dada before mama.” And they were right. But why? Is there a real reason they say it first? I went straight to the pediatrician and asked.

4 mins read

Home Alone With The Baby – Crap This Is Hard!

This weekend, I had my baby all by myself. Now, to some of you this may sound absolutely ridiculous, like “what’s the big friggin’ deal you’re watching your kid by yourself, but honestly, I nearly died. Well, that’s a little dramatic. It was very, VERY hard. Am I doing something wrong?

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My Guy Has A Cold And He’s SO Annoying!

I told my husband to get a grip this morning when he coughed and acted as if he was DYING — he’s got a cold! Get a grip dude! What’s up with guys when they are “sick?” Is it just an excuse for them to get attention? I know he’s not really sick because he had no problem downing a beer while watching the NCAA tournament, but when it came to feeding our little one, he was “too sick” to do it. Whatever.

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Memorial Day Sale Round-Up!

Not going to a BBQ monday? Shop! There are some great sales going on this Memorial Day weekend, so grab a glass of wine and do a little shopping. Many of the sites below even offer free shipping! Love it.

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Memorial Day Style: The Mini

The mini skirt is back in a huge way and is a perfect thing to wear at your upcoming BBQ: Wear it short (of course) in neutrals, prints or stripes. There are so many options out there from high end to super reasonable, and there are lots of cute things to wear it with. Here are our favorite picks..Oh and moms, you CAN wear a mini and not look like you’re trying too hard, here’s how: