My Guy Has A Cold And He’s SO Annoying!
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My Guy Has A Cold And He’s SO Annoying!

I told my husband to get a grip this morning when he coughed and acted as if he was DYING — he’s got a cold! Get a grip dude! What’s up with guys when they are “sick?” Is it just an excuse for them to get attention? I know he’s not really sick because he had no problem downing a beer while watching the NCAA tournament, but when it came to feeding our little one, he was “too sick” to do it. Whatever.

You Have a Cold, NOT the Flu!

So we all have the sniffles every once in a while, right? I had a cold throughout my entire pregnancy, which then turned into a major sinus infection. In fact, I STILL have it. I get colds on a regular basis, where my throat is itchy and I get a runny nose to boot. Do you think that life stops when this happens? Uhh– no. Nothing would get done if I claimed to be “sick” and just took to bed. The fact is, moms CAN’T get sick — what would happen? The house would be a disaster, laundry wouldn’t get done, the kids would be living on pizza and wearing summer clothes in the winter time. Moms just can’t get sick. Period.

Get Over Yourself

I tend to measure how sick someone is by taking their temperature. My mom used to do this — if we had a temperature, we could stay home from school, and if we didn’t, there was no fussing about it — we were going to school. If we had a little cold, so what — get over yourself. And that’s what I said to my husband this morning when he coughed, ran into the bathroom, and sat on the ground with his head over the toilet. He then walked out as if he were going to die: “OMG. I can’t believe this. I can’t believe how I feel.” I go “Huh? You have a cold honey. Who cares?” You would have thought I told him I was never going to have sex with him again, as he responded:”WTF. How do YOU know how I feel. I feel like S##T ok? That is such BS you think you know how I feel.” I responded calmly: “But last night you managed to have your buddies over for the NCAA game and you were drinking beer, I mean you didn’t exactly seem sick.” Here’s the kicker — he responds: “Well I would have been watching the game anyway, what’s the difference if people are here?” Ridiculous.

The Difference Is…

The difference is this: If you are REALLY sick, you don’t want people hanging around. If you are REALLY sick, you are in bed, with the television off, sleeping until you get better. If you are REALLY sick, you don’t have the energy to yell at me at how I don’t understand you. If you are REALLY sick, you could care less about NCAA. If you are REALLY sick, you wouldn’t have the energy to pretend you’re sick. If you are REALLY sick, I won’t mind taking care of you. But since you are clearly not REALLY sick, this is a nuisance and it’s annoying. So get over yourself.

And I Just Had Surgery

The funniest thing about this incident is that I just had back surgery– like major surgery, had to be in bed for several days, etc. I am not supposed to pick my baby up for a few weeks — but since my husband is “sick,” I had to feed the baby late at night, lifting her out of her crib, risking more injury to my back. I had surgery. He has a cold.
Imagine if he had surgery – I’d probably be doing all the housework for a year and the whole world would stop. Why are guys such WUSSES when it comes to having a cold? It’s simply beyond annoying and I am pissed that he just can’t admit that he’s exaggerating. Pfft…and he calls ME dramatic?! Whatever…

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