Types of Panties
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Types of Panties

Considering how few people will actually see your skivvies, your panties must stand up to a rigorous set of standards; comfortable, attractive, flattering, sturdy and delicate. This makes panty shopping a feat. However, understanding your options for underwear cuts can make this search for the perfect pair of panties a breeze.


Briefs are the most common style of modern panty. Unfortunately brief styles are often considered the least attractive styles being referred to as “granny panties” or “tighty whities.” However, with all the different types of briefs, there are very few fashions that fall into this unflattering category. A brief is simply a panty that covers the entire buttocks and is cut up on the hip. A high waist brief comes up to the navel while a low cut brief’s waistline falls near the hip. The classic fit brief waistline comes between the navel and the hip. For heightened sex appeal combined with comfort, consider the bikini brief which displays slightly more tush than other brief varieties or a Brazilian brief that is cut extra high on the hip. The latter options are also more likely to sit tightly against the skin to avoid a baggy bum.


Boyshorts are a cute option for women who want to show off that fanny without the “butt-floss” feeling associated with a thong. A boyshort resembles a cross between a boxer short and briefs, hence the name. Do not be mistaken, boyshorts are very feminine. They sit straight across the hips at the top and allow a little cheek to stick out of the bottom. This creates the illusion of a larger rear-end making boyshorts a great solution for a flat backside. Some boyshorts even take this enhancement to the next level by designing a more shape-fitting panty complete with additions similar to those found in a padded push-up bra. This creates a nice shape under tight fitting clothes.


The infamous thong has long been a popular topic of panty conversation among men and women alike. While most people evoke an image of a tiny piece of string working its way up the crack, this type of thong is not the most common. Traditional thongs are cut to expose the buttocks without causing the wedgie most people imagine. Lingerie style thongs, like g-strings, feature thinner strips and are often less practical for everyday wear.

Control Panties

The days of the girdle are no more. Now there is a comfortable and easy solution to excess tummy pudge or thick thighs, control panties. Control panties use modern materials to help suck in any of your trouble spots, from hips and thighs to left over pregnancy bulge, allowing you to sculpt your body in a way only a plastic surgeon could hope to imitate. While control panties are not often the sexiest variety available they are fairly comfortable with smooth satin-like materials and soft elastic laces.

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