How to Make Breasts Look Bigger
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How to Make Breasts Look Bigger

Low cut dresses and tight tops are made to show off the breast area. This can be a problem if you aren’t happy with your breast size. If you weren’t naturally endowed with big breasts, there are ways to make your breasts look bigger without the use of surgery or expensive creams. All you need to do is alter the way you dress to boost and boast what you’ve already got.

Step 1

Buy a bra that fits. The right fit can boost your assets and make them look larger. Bras that are too small can smash your breasts against your ribcage, making them look smaller. Bras that are too large won’t give your breasts the boost they need to look larger. To get the perfect fit, visit a bra store that does bra measuring and fitting.

Step 2

Buy a bra that adds bulk. There are several kinds of bras that add extra padding to the breast. The most common type of boosting bra is the padded bra. Less known is the water bra and the silicon filled bra. These types of bras have liquid filled pouches that sit on top of your natural breasts. Some of these bras are adjustable so that you can customize the size of your breast to the cup size you like best.

Step 3

Add a cutlet. Magazine editorials and fashion stylists are known to add a cutlet to a starlet’s bra to boost her cup size. A cutlet is an oval-shaped piece of padding that is placed on the underside of the breast between the bra and the skin. Cutlets can be found in most undergarment sections of department stores.

Step 4

Fool the eye by dressing your breasts correctly. To make an area on your body look bigger, you should always dress it in bright colors. For example, a black top with a red band of color sweeping across the breasts would make them look larger. Also, choose garments that have ruffles, gathers or pockets on the breast area. The extra fabric will add bulk to the area.


  • Wearing both cutlets and a water or silicon bra may make your breasts look unnatural.
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