Lingerie by Body Type
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Lingerie by Body Type

In many cultures flaws are considered beautiful. However, few people are thrilled about their large thighs, freckled chest or dimpled buttocks. All the same, your less-than-perfect parts should never make you feel like anything less than a vixen. Wearing lingerie that fits your body type wipes away all the timidity that comes with being exposed and brings out the Aphrodite within.


Even though your chest may occasionally seem like a burden while bra shopping, coverage and support do not always have to mean unattractive and boring. When you are looking to impress in the bedroom consider a sexy corseted outfit. A corset will make you look like a bombshell as it pulls in the waist, lifts the chest and enhances the hips, giving you the perfect hourglass shape. If you would like to show off your tummy, consider a lacy and supportive bra accompanied by matching panties.


Sometimes a large midsection may leave you feeling a little self-conscious in lingerie. Nonetheless, there are a plethora of lingerie styles that will surely help you to gracefully conceal that tummy. A soft and flowing baby doll gown will give the appearance of being all breasts, while a silky robe allows you to only expose the parts you wish to reveal. Lingerie that cuts in the waist will also help to create an appealing line. Furthermore, Caroline Hwang from Fitness magazine suggests a mesh cami to conceal the flaws you want to hide while being seemingly exposed.

Small Chest

Whether you love your small chest or hate it, a triangle bra will be your best friend in the bedroom. While these cuts do little in the way of support, they do expose the inside of the breast creating the illusion of cleavage. Alternately, you can try a plunging balconette push-up bra. Pair the pretty top with a thong to show off your rear or a boyshort to create the illusion of a rounder tush.

Athletic Build

Toned tummy, tight butt, firm legs, what’s not to like? However, no one is perfect. Enhance your chest with a padded bra and create a curvy silhouette with a pair of lacy boyshorts that flare out a little at the hips. Alternately, consider something more exotic, like a costume or lace-only outfit that shows off all your nicest features.


Tall is sexy so flaunt it! According to women’s sexuality correspondent Jasmine Leigh, the best way to do this is with a garter belt and garter straps to show off those long legs and keep your midsection exposed to lengthen the torso. This look will make even the most reserved woman feel like a vamp. For a similar effect with a little more tummy coverage consider corset-style lingerie for your body type.

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