Exercises for Muscle Building & Toning Without Equipment
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Exercises for Muscle Building & Toning Without Equipment

Gym memberships are expensive and workout equipment is hardly conducive for small living spaces. Fortunately, you do not need a Pilates machine for muscle building and toning. Many exercises can be completed at home without equipment, and the results are a completely sculpted body. Perform these exercises several times a week on non-consecutive days. For the fastest results, do each movement until you feel like you are unable to do one more.


One of the best arm exercises is the simple push-up. A push-up uses the weight of your body as resistance and is perfect for pumping up the biceps and shoulders. If saggy arms are your problem and you would like to strengthen your triceps, sit with your back flush against a wall, legs crossed. Place your arms on the wall so that most of each arm is touching the wall and lift each arm over your head and repeat, sliding the arm up and down the wall in an arc. At first this will seem simple. However, several repetitions will have you feeling the burn.


A flat stomach is highly desirable. Sadly, the thousands of crunches it would take to get those sexy abs are hard to fit into a busy lifestyle. Thankfully, Dr. Michele Olson has a better solution: balance. That’s right, standing on one foot or balancing on one knee while watching television or playing on the computer may be the ticket to a tight tummy. Alternately, take a jog or hold a few large books away from your body as you twist your torso.


The focus on having a round, toned tush has grown over the years. Luckily, the owner of IC Fitness, Irv Cheung, has created several fun exercises that help build the buttocks muscle. The first is a booty squeeze. Place a towel under each foot and lie on your back with legs apart. Now contract your buttocks muscles, pull your knees up and lift your hips off the ground leaving your knees as your highest point. Return to the original position and repeat. Another option is to place a towel under each foot and glide into a lunge while walking.

Upper Legs

Strong quadriceps are among the easiest muscles to build. Whenever the idea strikes you, try walking with a deep lunge between each step. It may look silly but the weight of your own body being lifted by your legs will surely get you the look you want. Simply walking or running will also help, as these activities put tension on the muscles of the thigh.

Lower Legs

For legs to be summer-ready, you need to have a nicely shaped calf. To make that muscle pop, simply raise onto your toes every time you slow down. Try to alternate between raising straight onto the toes and bending the knees in between each press-up. This will help you to discover which method gives you the greatest toning and muscle building.

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