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Children’s Room Decor

Children’s bedroom decor has come a long way since trains for boys and princesses for girls. Because children change and grow quickly, it is best to invest in well-constructed but relatively lightweight furniture in a simple, basic style that can adapt to different decor themes. Then you can have fun with your child’s bedroom design by integrating paint, finishes, textiles and accessories that express your child’s unique style and preferences.


Children’s bedroom decor may just consist of a cheerful color scheme, such as blue and white or pink and orange. It may also have a theme, such as pirates, fairy tales, animals, the beach, outer space, the jungle, transportation, safari or Hollywood glam.


Most people begin designing children’s rooms with function and safety as priorities. A bed frame may feature drawers or baskets underneath for storage. A well-anchored bookshelf may hold boxes for sorting toys and display favorite picture books.


Children use bedrooms for many purposes, so arrange furniture and accessories to designate a play area, a reading area, a study area, a sleeping area and maybe a place for listening to music or watching movies. Use patterned play mats, modular carpet tile, floor cushions, throw rugs and pillows to add pops of color and soften surfaces.


Children’s room decor should be bright and cheerful but not overstimulating. Keep murals and large artwork confined to one or two walls. Shield a bed from any windows that may face streetlights or headlights from passing cars.


Avoid low-hanging drapes or canopies in rooms with babies or young children.

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