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Ways to Help You Get Pregnant

You know you want a baby. You look at friends as they cuddle and coo their little cherubs and long to hold a child in your arms, but you have not been able to conceive. It can become a vicious circle–trying, failing, stressing and trying again. While many women can get pregnant without much effort, there are times you need to take additional steps to ensure optimum conception conditions.


Men who have a zinc shortage in their daily diet can have reduced sperm counts. Your partner should eat zinc-rich foods, including eggs and lean meats, so that he can boost his sperm count.

Drink Tea

A study conducted in 1998 by Kaiser Permanente in California discovered that women who drink half a cup or more of tea on a daily basis conceived seven times more often than women who did not drink tea each day.

Plan Sex

When trying to conceive, it is important that you have sexual relations while you are ovulating. An ovulation kit can be purchased at most drug stores. The kit will tell you when you are ovulating, which is when you should have sex if you want to conceive.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking improves fertility according to the Baby Hopes website. In addition to increased fertility, it gives you the best foundation for your pregnancy once conception occurs.

Lose Weight

If you have a body mass index of more than 30, you may be causing yourself to have a difficult time conceiving. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight not only gives you the best chance at getting pregnant, but it also helps you maintain your health during the pregnancy.

Missionary Style

According to the Fertile Facts website, the missionary style of sex provides the best chance for pregnancy because it puts the penis closest to the cervix. You can also try other positions as long as you avoid being on top, as that does not encourage sperm toward the uterus.

Have Sex in the Morning

Sperm is more prevalent in the morning when your partner first awakens than at any other time during the day. If you are trying to conceive, have sex in the morning as often as possible.

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