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Ways to Increase a Males Sperm Count Without Medicine

You and your partner are ready to have children, but after trying for a few months you have not achieved conception. Family members may have made some comments about low sperm counts running in the family, or your doctor may have done the tests and diagnosed that as the problem. You can try certain things to increase your sperm count before you turn to medication.

Reduce Your Stress Level

If you are under a lot of stress at work or at home, it is important to reduce that stress level. For some men, increased stress has a direct impact on their sperm counts. Lifestyle chances, such as learning some relaxation techniques, can help reduce your daily stress. Worrying about conception can also be a stress producer, so relax, do not sweat it and let the stress go.

Be Clean and Sober

If you smoke, you should stop. The same goes for illicit drugs and excessive alcohol use as all three habits are known sperm-reducing activities.

Loose Underwear

Tight underwear can sometimes interfere with sperm production. Switch to boxers. In addition, heat has been shown to kill sperm. Maintain a comfortable but a little cool temperature in your house and office to reduce the chance of sperm death.

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