How to Get Pregnant Without IVF
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How to Get Pregnant Without IVF

If you are having difficulty conceiving, you may be considering fertility treatments, like in-vitro fertilization (IVF). In-vitro fertilization uses medications to stimulate ovulation, then removes the eggs and fertilizes them outside of the body. In some situations, IVF may be the only way to achieve pregnancy; however, many women with low fertility may be able to get pregnant without resorting to IVF.

Step 1

Eat well, reduce stress and begin taking a prenatal vitamin before you start trying to conceive.

Step 2

Exercise regularly, aiming for around 30 minutes of activity at least three to four times a week. Work to achieve a healthy weight–whether you are overweight or underweight–to increase your likelihood of conceiving.

Step 3

Chart your menstrual cycle. Start your chart with the first day of your period or cycle day one.

Step 4

Take your temperature each morning before you get out of bed. Note your temperature on your fertility chart. An increase in temperature signifies ovulation.

Step 5

Check the texture, amount and consistency of cervical fluid, either at the opening of the vagina or nearer to the cervix. Note whether cervical mucus is dry and infertile, lotion-like, or has an egg white texture, signifying fertility.

Step 6

Review your charts, looking for clear signs of fertility, like an increase in temperature and fertile cervical fluid. If you are ovulating regularly, you are unlikely to need in-vitro fertilization to become pregnant.

Step 7

Have sex daily or every other day when signs of fertility, including fertile cervical fluid, are present.

Step 8

Use gently beaten egg whites to enhance your own cervical fluid. Bring an egg to room temperature. Wash the outside of the egg thoroughly, then crack the egg and separate the yolk from the whites. Beat the whites of the egg slightly. Insert into the vagina using a medicine syringe before intercourse.

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