Natural Remedies to Increase Sperm Count
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Natural Remedies to Increase Sperm Count

When you have decided to get pregnant, the last thing you want to hear is that your man is having problems with his low sperm count. It will now take months longer than typical to get pregnant and the tensions in your relationship may begin to rise as the result of extra tensions. Fortunately, there are several natural remedies to increase sperm count available, thus limiting your wait to get pregnant.

Natural Remedies to Increase Sperm Count

Improve Overall Health

Low sperm count can be the result of many factors. Most factors are avoidable with only a few lifestyle changes. One of the best natural remedies to increase sperm count is simply improving overall health. A man should first seek to maintain an average weight. Obese men experience hormonal changes capable of decreasing sperm count. For a faster fix, you will need to stop smoking, drink only moderately and eliminate all illicit drugs. The Mayo Clinic also suggests taking a multivitamin, getting plenty of exercise and eating a healthy diet.

Avoid the Heat

The reason the testicles hang off the body is due to the fact that sperm thrives in cooler temperatures. Falling away from the body allows the sperm to cool off in the ideal climate. However, frequent hot tub visits and brief underwear counteract the natural cooling needed. When trying to get pregnant, make sure that only boxers are worn and try to avoid the heat to increase sperm count.

Eat Sperm-Friendly Foods

The foods he eats can be natural remedies to boost sperm levels as well. The amino acid arginine has been linked to increased sperm production and can be found in walnuts and almonds. A 2001 study in the “Journal of Andrology,” reported that selenium also helps to increase sperm count. This nutrient can be found naturally in Brazil nuts, wheat germ, liver, tuna and other oily fish. Make sure, too, that he’s eating his greens and colorful vegetables to get sufficient amounts of Vitamin A and folic acid.

Take Vitamins

A multivitamin and several different supplements may ensure he is getting the vitamins he needs to increase his sperm count. According to a March 2002 study in “Fertility and Sterility,” men who take a combination of zinc and folic acid supplements have increased sperm counts. Additionally, antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E can combat damage caused by free radicals, decreasing the chances of sperm damage while increasing motility.

Reduce Frequency

It is important to have sex frequently around the time of ovulation when looking to get pregnant. However, the Georgia Department of Health warns that ejaculating more than a few times a day can decrease the sperm’s density. By limiting sexual encounters to once or twice a day, you will keep those swimmers lively and numerous.


A study conducted by the Institute of Chinese Medicine in Tel Aviv, Israel, shows that acupuncture may be somewhat effective in improving sperm density. Acupuncture was shown to be most effective on males with genital tract inflammation. However, the same study also showed that full results may take four months of frequent acupuncture for full results.

Stress Management

Surprisingly, your low sperm count may be the result of mental stress as opposed to a physical obstruction or problem. When you are under extreme amounts of stress, the body can undergo hormonal changes. These hormones can act in a number of ways to include reduced sperm production. Find a way to relax and shed stress daily.

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