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What Is Bad About Acai Berry Pills?

With some manufacturers claiming their acai berry pills can help a person lose between 5 and 30 lbs., you may think it’s a good idea to add the supplement to your diet. While the Mayo Clinic reports the Amazon berry are rich in antioxidants, fiber, essential fatty acids and amino acids, keep some facts in mind.

May Not Be Pure

While taking a supplement can be an easy way to get your daily dose of acai berry rather than trying to juggle a cup of juice as you load kids into the car, consider what’s inside the pill. Different ways can be used to process the acai berries; some methods damage or reduce the health benefits, especially if heat is involved. According to the Acai Berry Site, pills using acai extract also lack the full benefit of the berry because the extract uses only portions of the skin and the juice, rather than the whole fruit. Some companies will add other ingredients, such as an inert filler, to the pills as a way to provide more pills at less expense.

Optimal Daily Amount Not Determined

Finding the right dosage of acai berries can be a problem. Some pills may contain more of the berry than you really need in a day. When you get too much of a supplement in your system, your body eliminates the excess along with other wastes. A study at Texas AgriLife Research proved the body does absorb acai; however, as of 2010, no studies have indicated an optimal daily amount.

Weight Loss May Be Water, Not Fat

Some people experience water loss, not the loss of fat. You love to see the numbers on the scales decrease, but some critics believe weight loss attributed to acai berries is really water loss and not a reduction in fat. According to the Diet Channel website, water loss often lowers your overall weight, but it can lead to saggy skin and reduced muscle tone. In a 2009 report on CNN, the news channel reported no studies had proven the acai berry’s weight-reducing benefits.

May Worsen Allergies

Some individuals taking acai berry pills experienced aggravated allergy symptoms, according to the Livestrong and WebMd websites. When you are busy trying to finish a project at work and helping your kids with homework, allergies can really make it difficult to stay on track. If you have allergies, you want to do everything possible to make them better, not worse. People who have a palm allergy need to exercise caution, because the acai berry grows on palms in the Amazon.

Detox Reactions

With the rich antioxidant properties found in acai berries, you might want to use the supplement as a way to get rid of toxins. As the acai berry begins to eliminate free radicals in your body, you may develop a headache or feel tired. Jon Burras, a certified yoga and Bodymind therapist, refers to this as a “healing crisis.” The berry also acts as a laxative, which can cause distress to the intestinal tract.

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