Compare the Best Diet Plans
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Compare the Best Diet Plans

A wide variety of diet plans are available. You can find plans that count calories. Others feature low carbohydrate options. Other diets use convenient prepared foods. Good diet plans include a variety of foods, adequate support systems and a plan for long-term weight loss maintenance. The best diets are affordable, easily implemented and include a variety of healthy foods. While these diet options are healthy and appropriate for most adults, if you have special health concerns or considerations, consult your physician or a dietitian.

Online Diets

Online diets are a popular option in today’s busy world, especially if your busy life doesn’t allow for face-to-face meetings. Diet websites typically allow for calorie and exercise tracking, help to plan low calorie meals and provide person-to-person support. Some, like the eDiets website, even have meal delivery options and registered dietitians and trainers available for telephone support, according to CBS MoneyWatch. If you are less concerned with meal delivery, consider a free online diet site, like the SparkPeople website, which has a 95 percent user satisfaction rating, according to the Diets in Review website.

Prepared Foods

The top-rated prepared food diet plan is also the most accessible and affordable. SlimFast products allow for two meal replacements a day, using shakes, bars and other diet options available at the grocery store, according to the Consumer Search website. If you would prefer full meals, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem and eDiets all offer meal deliveries, according to CBS MoneyWatch. You will supplement your diet meals with fresh fruits and vegetables and fat-free dairy products. If you don’t have the time or inclination to cook, these plans can be an ideal choice.

Cutting Fat, Calories or Carbohydrates

The oldest national diet plan remains one of the best diet choices. Weight Watchers offers lessons in portion control and food choices, relying upon a points system that factors in calories, fat and fiber, according to the Weight Watchers website. Online tools complement in-person meetings or can be used on their own. Vegetarians or those who prepare a low-fat diet might consider Dean Ornish’s Eat More, Weigh Less plan, which focuses on vegetables and whole grains. If you feel best on a lower-carbohydrate plan, South Beach is one of the best options. The South Beach Diet is heart healthy, incorporating vegetables, lean meats and good quality fats, according to CBS MoneyWatch.

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