The Best Treadmills & Elliptical Machines
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The Best Treadmills & Elliptical Machines

You may not always have the time to hit the gym, but you might be able to sneak in a quick round of exercise if you have a treadmill or an elliptical machine at home. For a treadmill or an elliptical to earn a rating as the best, reviewers consider the cost of the exercise machine compared to the number of workout programs it has, the variance in those workouts and any extra features.

Gold’s Gym Maxx Rear Drive Elliptical

For elliptical machines under $1,000, Treadmill Doctor includes Gold’s Gym Maxx Rear Drive Elliptical as one of the best elliptical trainers for 2010. The Icon Fitness machine earned a rating of 5.75 out of 10 from the Treadmill Doctor. The main consideration for this machine is the value, which received 8 points out of 10. For the price, you get a machine with a manual power ramp that allows you change the incline. It also offers you workout programs designed to target specific zones on your body when you set the machine to specific inclines. The machine has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. If you like to listen to music while you exercise, it has a port for your iPod or MP3 player, connecting to the built-in sound system.

Sole E35

According to ConsumerSearch, an organization that provides unbiased fitness equipment reviews, the Sole E35 is the best elliptical machine in a price range of $1,000 to $1,700 as of April 2010. The E35 offers a 20-inch stride, making it comfortable for individuals with longer legs. You can monitor your heart rate while you exercise using one of eight workouts. For better fitness results, the machine comes with 20 resistance levels, an adjustable incline and moving arms to workout your upper body. The Sole elliptical trainer has a weight capacity of 375 lbs.

Sole F63

Consumer Reports rated the Sole F63 treadmill as a CR best buy for 2010 for folding treadmill machines. The machine sells for less than $1,000 and offers a variety of features to help you get the best workout possible, including an incline of up to 15 percent and a top speed of 10 mph. You can use six included programs to help you exercise, or you can manually adjust the settings. The machine has a weight capacity of 325 lbs. Other features include cooling fans, arm rests and a user-friendly control panel. The display provides information on your speed, the grade of the incline, the number of calories you’ve burned, the distance covered and your time. Built-in speakers work with iPods or MP3 players.

AFG 13.0 AT

In the non-folding category of treadmills, the Consumer Report best buy award for 2010 recognized the Advanced Fitness Group (AFG) 13.0 AT. With 10 preset workouts and a full-length, 60-inch deck, this treadmill allows you to reach your full stride. It comes with monitoring options and a wireless heart rate monitor. The machine has a weight capacity of 350 lbs., and its steel frame keeps it stable regardless of whether you’re walking or running.

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