Top 10 Best Diets
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Top 10 Best Diets

Finding the right diet for your body and lifestyle is a challenge, whether you need to lose 10 lbs. or 100 lbs. The best diets help you learn how to eat to stay at your goal weight, correct the behaviors that led to weight gain and improve your overall health. The best diet is one you can stick to without giving in to temptation for one more brownie or that slice (or pan) of pizza.


Using a diet website, like eDiets can allow you to monitor your food and exercise, seek support from others and get the information you need. One benefit to online diet sites, like eDiets, is your ability to customize your diet to your food needs, including a diabetic or vegetarian diet, a lower carbohydrate eating style or other alternatives. Convenient meal delivery is available. Phone support from both registered dietitians and personal trainers is available with your membership.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers uses the point system, factoring calories, fat and fiber into a total daily food plan. All foods are allowed, as long as you stick to your recommended points total, according to the Weight Watchers website. A classic meeting and weigh-in format is the most common choice, but online tools can accompany meetings or be used on their own.


One of the best easily prepared food plans is available at your local grocery store. SlimFast’s shakes and bars are available in a variety of flavors and at a lower cost than many alternatives, according to the Consumer Search website. Replace two meals a day with one of the SlimFast options; add a healthy dinner and fresh food for snacks.

South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet, developed by Arthur Agaston, M.D., combines a lower carbohydrate eating plan with low-fat, heart-healthy foods. The diet includes three phases. The first eliminates nearly all carbohydrates to give you a quick boost to weight loss and, according to the South Beach diet website, eliminate cravings. Phase two adds moderate amounts of some fruits, as well as some whole grains. Phase three is a maintenance phase.

Spark People

Spark People is a free web-based service, incorporating diet and fitness information. Food diaries allow you to track calories and nutritional information, while exercise logs can help you stay on your diet and exercise program. Active community forums provide support and friendship on your weight loss journey. Recipes and diagnostic tools allow the user to create a plan suited to her lifestyle.

Fit Day

Like Spark People, Fit Day is a free online service. If you feel comfortable managing your own diet, Fit Day offers easy-to-use journal tools to record and track food intake and activity level. This site is best for users who do not need community support or assistance with meal planning or fitness choices.

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is a popular meal delivery system diet. You can meet with a consultant and create your diet in person or over the phone. Each day, you will eat three prepared packaged meals and one snack. The prepared foods will be supplemented by fresh fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy, creating a calorie-controlled and effective diet.


Medifast is a very low calorie diet best, completed under medical supervision. It includes five prepared snacks per day, plus a low-fat and low-calorie meal of chicken or fish and greens, according to CBS MoneyWatch. Medifast may be appropriate if you need to lose a substantial amount of weight for health reasons; it is not a suitable choice for those looking to lose only a few pounds.


Nutrisystem is another option on the meal delivery front. Three meals, one snack and one dessert are included in each day’s food plan. You can add fresh fruit, vegetables and low-fat dairy to the meals you choose. Nutrisystem allows you to customize your diet, choosing the foods and meals you prefer. Online tools and community support are available at the Nutrisystem website.

Eat More, Weigh Less

While some diet plans work for vegetarians, Dean Ornish’s Eat More, Weigh Less plan is the best choice for vegetarians, according to the Consumer Search website. Ornish’s plan is extremely low-fat, allowing you to eat fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains until you are full, and smaller amounts of fat-free dairy foods and low-fat prepared foods. Fats and other animal products are avoided.

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