Pregnancy Signs of a Boy or a Girl
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Pregnancy Signs of a Boy or a Girl

Guessing whether your baby is going to be a boy or girl is one of the fun parts of pregnancy. Whether you’re simply biding time until baby shows the goods on the ultrasound screen or waiting until the big day to find out, you’ll find that everyone has a guess. Unfortunately, most of the “signs” of a boy or girl baby are mere old wives’ tales and aren’t based on fact—but they may turn out true in your case.


A good peek at your baby’s genitals through the ultrasound is the way that most parents will learn whether the baby is a boy or girl. According to, this method is about 80 to 90 percent effective. Of course, this relies on your baby’s position and being able to get a clear view of the genitals–some babies seem to have a sense of modesty and like to hide this from the doctor and parents.

Food Cravings

Maybe it’s because girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, but legend says that those who crave sweet foods are more likely to have a girl baby than a boy baby. If you crave salty foods, on the other hand, you may want to deck out the nursery in blue.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a common symptom of pregnancy, but if you have severe morning sickness–the kind that lasts your whole pregnancy and puts you in danger of not getting enough nutrition–you may be carrying a girl.

Baby’s Position

Some believe that if you are carrying your baby up high, it’s a girl, and, if you’re carrying down low, it’s a boy. Keep in mind, though, that your baby will drop during the end of your pregnancy, which doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re carrying a boy.


Some theorize that a baby girl will steal her mother’s looks. Acne is a big problem for some pregnant women. If you’re lacking that “pregnancy glow” that everyone always talks about, perhaps you’re carrying a girl baby.

Ring Swinging

If you tie your wedding ring to a string and hold it over your belly, it should swing back and forth if you’re having a boy and in a circle if it’s a girl. Try to keep your hand still–don’t cheat.

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