Tips to Increase Chances of Pregnancy
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Tips to Increase Chances of Pregnancy

You may be at a point in your life where you find yourself stopping new mothers on the sidewalk to take a peek at their small bundles of joy. Even though you might think you are mentally and financial ready to add to your family, your body may take its time becoming pregnant. Many women experience problems becoming pregnant, even though it may seem like everyone else around you is expecting a child. Knowing when your best chance of conception occurs during your menstrual cycle can help you increase your odds of becoming pregnant.

Eliminate Bad Habits

Consider your regular activities and make adjustments that may increase your odds of becoming pregnant. The Mayo Clinic suggests eliminating cigarettes and alcohol, while limiting your caffeine intake. These substances can affect your ability to become pregnant and may have a negative impact on your baby. Tobacco causes a change in your cervical mucus, which may minimize the ability of the sperm to reach your egg.

Understand Your Cycle

Your body becomes most receptive to pregnancy at certain times of your menstrual cycle. Determine the time you ovulate by keeping track of your temperature with a basal temperature thermometer or purchasing an ovulation predictor kit. Your temperature increases slightly when you ovulate. Take your temperature before getting out of bed when you awaken every morning. By tracking your resting temperature throughout the month, you can determine where in your ovulation usually occurs. An ovulation kit can also help you understand the best time to try to get pregnant.

Have Sex on Schedule

Although you may enjoy being spontaneous in the bedroom, timing your sex life with your ovulation can help you conceive. The Mayo Clinic recommends having sex once each day shortly before you expect to ovulate. This increases the number of live sperm traveling through your reproductive tract, waiting for the release of your egg.

Focus on Romance

Regular sex can increase your odds of becoming pregnant. If you experience some difficulty knowing exactly when you ovulate, regular sex can increase your odds of conception. By having sex two to three times each week, throughout your cycle, you can boost your odds of pregnancy.

Learn to Relax

Attempting to get pregnant can cause great stress and anxiety. You may even notice a change in your monthly cycles related to your levels of stress. Reduce or eliminate stress during this time by focusing on ways to relax. Join a group that practices yoga or learn to meditate. Set aside time to spend doing things you enjoy to take your mind off getting pregnant. Reconnect with your husband by spending time together outside the bedroom, talking and just enjoying each other’s company.

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