Cute Pregnancy Clothes
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Cute Pregnancy Clothes

A generation or so ago, it was all the rage to wear maternity tops or dresses that buttoned up to your neck with a huge bow up top. The idea, apparently, must have been to distract the eye away from the belly and up to the enormous and ugly bow. Modern moms do not have to endure such a fashion disaster anymore, because a wide range of cute pregnancy clothes are easy to find once you know what you are looking for. During your first trimester, you can probably get away with simply unbuttoning your jeans, but when you get further along, you will want to get some maternity clothes. Wearing tight clothing while you are pregnant could cause dizziness or the feeling that you are going to faint, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

Tank Top

Stretchy tank tops made of cotton with a bit of Spandex will hug your belly and help to keep you cool. Get ones that hit you at hip length for the most-flattering look. Pair with maternity pants, either full length or Capri length. Accessorize them with a long necklace.

Tunic Top

The perfect silhouette for a pregnant woman comes in the form of the tunic top. Fitted across the shoulders with an empire waist, the rest of the top billows out to provide room for your belly. Get one long enough to just cover your hips and bottom. The V-neck will elongate your neck.


Stretchy leggings in black will be your go-to piece throughout your pregnancy. Maternity leggings have more room in the belly and can be more comfortable for you than a regular pair. You can wear any kind of top you like with leggings and can pair them with boots for the colder weather and with flats or sandals for the summer.


Choose pants that contain some Lycra so they will fit better, according to the Baby Center website. The most flattering length is 1 or 2 inches from the floor.

Yoga Pants

Wear yoga pants instead of sweatpants for a more-flattering look. Stretchy yoga pants will still show your shape, unlike sweats that can make you look frumpy.


When unbuttoning your jeans doesn’t work anymore, get some maternity jeans that are boot cut in a dark wash for the most flattering look. Maternity jeans have more room in the belly, hips and rear and can fit over or under your belly. Try both types on before deciding.


The A-line style of skirt that hits you around knee-length is something you can wear anywhere. This type of skirt is comfortable and flattering on most pregnant women.


A wrap dress is a good choice for pregnant women. This style will show off your bust line and flatter the rest of your shape. Because these dresses tie under your bust, they define where your bust ends and your belly begins.


Choose a long cardigan and wear it open, allowing it to hang loose.

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