Pregnancy Safety Tips
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Pregnancy Safety Tips

A normal pregnancy does not usually require you to take to your bed for the duration of gestation. Your doctor will encourage you to continue your normal activities, including work, exercise and social life. While your baby is developing, however, you can take certain safety precautions to ensure that you and your baby stay safe during your pregnancy.

Avoid Tobacco and Tobacco Smoke

Most people are aware that smoking during pregnancy can cause small birth weights, a higher risk of miscarriage and fetal genetic mutations. According to the Parents website, secondhand smoke presents an equal danger to you and your baby during your pregnancy. Asking people not to smoke in your presence and not frequenting establishments that allow smoking will protect your baby’s future health.

Clean Carefully

Choosing products to use in housecleaning can feel like walking through a minefield during your pregnancy. Read the product labels and only use products that are safe during pregnancy.

Open doors and windows while using cleaning chemicals. If the weather does not permit this, use fans to circulate air throughout the house during your cleaning. This will help you avoid breathing in fumes.

Move more slowly than during your pre-pregnancy cleaning. Be sure to approach lifting, bending and stooping carefully. You will probably have to adjust the way you move as your pregnancy progresses.


According to the Complete Pregnancy Guide website, you can continue your regular exercise routine throughout your pregnancy. The benefits of exercise during gestation include making your labor and delivery less intense.

Be careful not to overheat. According to the Complete Pregnancy Guide website, getting overheated during your first trimester increases the risk of fetal deformities. Your pre-pregnancy routines should be fine during your pregnancy as long as you watch for signs of overdoing it. These signs include nausea, dizziness, palpitations, vision blurring, bleeding or fainting. If any of these occur, stop exercising and contact your doctor.

Giving up exercises that require heavy weight lifting or being on your back will help you avoid injuries and keep your baby safe.

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