Tips to Grow Out Your Hair
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Tips to Grow Out Your Hair

You can switch from a long style to a short one with a simple clip of the scissors, but transitioning back into longer locks requires significantly more of a commitment. Women can expect roughly one-half inch of new hair growth per month, for a total of 6 inches a year, reports the “Ladies’ Home Journal Magazine.” If you are looking to add an extra foot to your hairdo, you may be in for a two-year commitment. While science has yet to develop a formula to accelerate hair growth, women struggling with stubborn hair can follow some tried-and-true tips to make their hair-growth experience less trying.

Keep Hair Healthy

Instead of spending all of your time dreaming about the long locks you wish you had, dedicate some energy to keeping your current coif in shape. Condition your hair regularly, and avoid exposing your hair to damaging heat. The hair you currently have will stick with you for quite some time if you plan to let your locks grow, so don’t abuse it.

Don’t Skip the Trims

Many women eager to grow out their hair naturally think that skipping trims will shave some time off the process. While not trimming your hair will certainly decrease the length of time it takes you to reach your long-haired dream, you will likely not like the quality of the hair you have, once you attain your goal. Trimming your hair removes split ends and keeps the hair healthier. The hair you lose in your trims is negligible when you consider the impact that this maintenance procedure will have.

Angle your Growing Bangs

Growing bangs that constantly fall into your eyes can be enough to send any women running for the clipper. Instead of cutting these pesky pieces off entirely, ask your stylist to shape your bangs to create a swoop bang that sits to the side of your face instead of falling into your eyes. This utilitarian style might just be one that you come to adore.

Reposition your Part

Many women lament the look of their hair as it grows out. Don’t just assume that your in-progress hair has to be unattractive. Instead, take steps to make the most of your hair. Consider moving the placement of your current part to give your hairdo a fresh look.

Don’t Give In

During the hair-growing-out process, everyone experiences a desire to just give up and chop their locks. When your hair reaches a particularly problematic length, it can be easy to forget why you are struggling through weeks of self-imposed bad-hair days. If you find yourself drawn to the hair dresser’s chair, take some time and think about it before you give in to the temptation. If you really can’t cope, get the cut. But if you can hold out just a bit more, you will likely find that your patience is rewarded.

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