I Don’t Know You, But I Care
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I Don’t Know You, But I Care

Being a ‘mom blogger’ you run across women on the World Wide Web whom you wouldn’t likely know if you passed them on the street. However, you get to know one another and bond with them because you have a couple of things in common right from the start: you’re both a Mom and you’re both a Blogger.

Real Life
You see one another making comments on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. You know what’s going on in their real life and their on-line blogging life. You become familiar with the topics that will be covered on their blogs and sometimes one another’s opinion before it’s ever made publically known. Even more interesting is sometimes you never even exchange a word, but you know who the other is… it’s just the way it works.

Although there are those times that something happens that truly triggers the inner-most heartfelt emotion possible; when one of them suffers. I would like to share two stories that have recently transpired in the ‘mom blogger’ community. Please keep in mind that these are the women who go out of their way to test products so you know what is good (and what isn’t); they hold contests to bring you good things…with a lot better chances; and they absolutely enjoy getting to know other mom’s out there. These are the women who speak volumes across the world for so many and have no problem standing up for other women consumers out there…just like you.  

Anissa’s Story
Meet Anissa Mayhew. Anissa is a well-known blogger with a spunky personality. I have never met her in real life, or on-line, but that didn’t matter when I heard that Anissa suffered from a stroke. This is right after she celebrated her daughter being cancer free for one full year. The mom blogger community band together to pay their respect to her, have held numerous events to help raise money for her and her family, and have continually shown their support in Anissa’s honor. In fact, when searching Anissa’s name on Google, her name will pop up, showing that she is well sought out on the internet; for any avid internet novice – that should speak volumes as to her status in the mom blogger community. Anissa is making progress, and from what I understand, slowly recovering. However, she has a huge battle ahead of her, but I’m confident that her spunky personality will shine through with nothing less than success in that endeavor.

Anissa, I don’t know you, but I care.

The Unthinkable
Next I would like to introduce Shellie also known as military_mom. The last status message left on her Twitter profile tonight read, “Please pray like never before, my 2 yr old fell in the pool”. I have never met nor talked to Shellie either. Sadly, Shellie’s son passed away this evening (Monday) and it blew Twitter up with the showing of support from the Mom Blogger community once again. Twitter parties being sponsored by Logitech were even put on hold out of respect to her and her family; again, this is huge. Hearts wept for Shellie in words written by Mom’s across the globe who wanted nothing more than to show her that, they were coming together in her honor. Words cannot express what I felt seeing these Mom’s bond once again.
Shellie, should you read this… I don’t know you, but I care.

There is a strong sense of pride to be connected with these women, moms just like myself, that show such compassion. Their voices, combined, echo across the world in unison that sounds a lot like, “We’re here, we love you, and we care” and yet, 99% of them have never met face-to-face. To me… this is amazing. The world could learn a lesson from these Mom’s and their resolve; I know I have.

So this is not just to honor Anissa and Shellie during their very difficult times, but to also honor all of those Mom’s who have stood up, united, and shown the most sincere compassion I have seen from a group of strangers in a long, long time.I am very proud to be associated with such wonderful women.

Please feel free to follow me (@NoConditionsMom) on Twitter.com to connect with these wonderful ladies.

Special thanks to:
@resourcefulmom, @momdot , @momselectamy and @momtalkradio

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