St. Patrick’s Day Donut Cake Dessert
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St. Patrick’s Day Donut Cake Dessert

Stroll on over to your local Krispy Kreme and you can custom design your multi-tiered donut pyramid. Krispy Kreme will dye the frosting to just about any color in the Crayola crayon box.

I designed a cake to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in my son’s classroom. My glazed donuts were frosted green with white sprinkles, white with green sprinkles, green and white plain, and I threw in some orange frosted donuts for variety! If you want to get more elaborate, they will add trinkets akin to what comes on top of an ice cream cake. In my case, I figured twenty kids fighting over gold coins then using them as flying saucers was probably not the best way to curry favor with the teacher!

We Love Donuts!

This cake is a great option for something new and different. Kids love donuts and there’s relatively no mess. The students just pop them in and zap, they’re gone! For smaller ones, we suggest mini donuts.

Other Yummy Options

If you want to make something similar on a tighter budget, you can go to the grocery store and buy an assortment of glazed and powdered donuts and make a fun project of building your masterpiece with your kids and letting them decorate too. Plus, it’s a quick, but creative fix in a pinch when your child reminds you on a late Thursday night that he’s supposed to bring a treat to school the next day!

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