Makeup Tricks to Hide Stretch Marks
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Makeup Tricks to Hide Stretch Marks

Covering up with clothing does not always work for stretch marks, especially when the occasion calls for a certain type of clothing. Wearing an off-the-shoulder dress exposes stretch marks around your arms while a swimwear exposes stretch marks around your belly, butt and legs. Fortunately, using makeup can help camouflage stretch marks. Use proper techniques so that you do not have to worry about those times you have to comply with the dress code.

Choose the Right Makeup

Keep in mind that the makeup you use for your face may not be the right choice, because your facial skin tone may be lighter or darker than the rest of your body’s skin. Choose a different shade of makeup for specific problem areas, such as your stretch marks. Opt for a makeup that is waterproof (usually alcohol-based). This means that when you go swimming, your makeup will not wash away; when you sweat, it will not streak.

Concealer, makeup foundation and finishing powder are the basic types of makeup that you will need. Choose a heavy concealer if your stretch marks are darker than your skin color so you’re your stretch marks will not show through the foundation. Although makeup may do wonders in covering stretch marks, it will not alter the texture of your skin. Do not be disappointed if you cannot find the exact match for your skin. Just choose the closest to your skin tone and buy one lighter as well as one darker shade that you can blend together prior to application.

Prepare Your Skin

Applying cocoa butter or lightening cream can help diminish the appearance of stretch marks. However, do not expect this to work overnight. Apply these creams nightly before going to be bed days before you will apply makeup for best results.

Do not get a tan prior to applying makeup. A tan can only make the surrounding skin darker, not the stretch marks themselves, making them more visible, even through the makeup.

Correct Application Method

Use a paintbrush as an applicator for your concealer so that you can paint over the lines and stretch marks easily. Do not go outside the lines. The goal is to cover the stretch marks, not the surrounding skin.

Press the concealer gently, using a clean makeup sponge so that it sticks to the skin and evens out smoothly. Remember to avoid smearing on the surrounding skin.

Apply foundation on top of the concealer the same way that you applied the concealer. Then, brush a small amount of translucent or finishing powder. Spray on a matte setting spray to keep the makeup on longer. If you prefer, finish off by applying light body glitters all over your body for a better camouflage and dramatic effect.

Check out the video below for more Remedies for Stretch Marks

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