Beyonce Fashion Tips
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Beyonce Fashion Tips

Beyonce is not only a pop diva. To many, she is also a fashion icon. Beyonce’s style never ceases to amaze people; she can put on less or more and always looks good. Beyonce is not afraid to be herself, which makes her style her own. Try on Beyonce’s style from head to toe and feel like a diva yourself, even without her millions.


Beyonce is not afraid of color; she uses pastels as well as jewel tones. During the day, she sometimes uses lighter shades of color from pink, purple and blue. Beyonce wears whatever color pleases her; you will often see her don shinier colors at night.

Metallic colors are her favorites when it comes to night time events. Wearing sequined red, golden, silver or black gowns during awards nights give her a glittery look that draws the attention.

Clothing Style

When it comes to clothes, Beyonce prefers clothes that show her curves. When asked by “Cosmopolitan Magazine” who she considered great fashion icons, she answered Tina Turner for her strength, feminine and sexy look as well as Marilyn Monroe, because Monroe was a curvy woman just like she herself was. According to Beyonce, she likes to wear clothes similar to what they wore because their body shapes are similar to hers.

Beyonce’s style offstage is so different from onstage. She loves to wear a pair of sexy heels with jeans, a nice jacket or a little dress when she is not performing.

She chooses clothes that accentuate her waist. She avoids clothes that are too loose beneath her hips because they may look boxy on her. She likes plunging necklines. She avoids certain cuts that will make her full arms look even fuller. Her curvy legs look longer in straight leg jeans. She prefers to wear short tops to show off her midriff. She can also wear long tops, but nothing between. Beyonce either wears a short top or a long one.


Booties and high heels are some of Beyonce’s favorites when it comes to shoes. In the February 2010 edition of “Allure Magazine,” Beyonce wore a Roberto Cavalli tulle dress and paired it with Cesar Paciotti sequined leather booties.

Beyonce loves big bags, such as her Louis Vuitton bag which she said she could not part with during her “Cosmopolitan Magazine” interview. Like any diva or celebrity, she also like wearing sunglasses. She prefers hers with bling.

Speaking of bling, Beyonce always accessorizes with jewelry–whether it is a diamond ring, earrings or a necklace. She wears designer watches, bracelets and anklets, too.

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