Kid Games for a Halloween Party
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Kid Games for a Halloween Party

Entertain your ghouls and goblins with a trunk full of Halloween games. These games should celebrate the crisp weather, the darker evenings, the creepy winds and the legendary stories of the season. Make your party the hit of the neighborhood with themed activities that will leave you everyone’s favorite mummy.


Structured activities will give your little witches something to do, especially when they are hopped up on one candy bar too many. Games are also the perfect opportunity to tie in the specific theme of your party. Although Halloween is the purpose of your party, you may choose a specific element, such as ghosts, mummies, harvest food or animals, like cats and spiders.


The kinds of games you use are as varied as any type of game. You can transform any game into a Halloween game by working the name or concept of Halloween into them. For instance, you can turn the limbo into a walk under the witch’s broom. Instead of playing Capture the Flag, you can play find the black cat. And any game, from tag to hide and go seek, becomes creepy when played in the dark with flashlights.


Think outside the candy bag when considering prizes for Halloween games. If your party is happening before Halloween night and trick or treating activities, give out items that kids can use on their door-to-door candy collecting. Give them large tote bags, pocket flashlights, reflectors and glowing necklaces and bracelets. These will get kids excited about the big night and keep them safe in the dark veil of the night.


Let preschoolers and young grade schoolers enjoy games they already love, with Halloween themes. They can run races with Halloween decorations and toys. Focus on the local and natural themes of the season, such as pumpkins and gourds, black cats and spiders. Older kids will love games with more elaborate stories. Lead them on treasure and scavenger hunts around your fake graveyard set up in the backyard. Detailed maps, stories about those who died and clues on headstones add suspense and excitement to the game.


Games can happen in your own home or backyard. If you plan to let kids play their games in the backyard, clean it of any potentially dangerous items, such as stones or toys, that can cause people to trip. If your games extend beyond your backyard, into other parts of your neighborhood, make your neighbors aware and establish clear boundaries so no one gets lost.

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