Games for Kids Halloween Parties
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Games for Kids Halloween Parties

When it comes to Halloween parties for children, it is important that the games and activities are age appropriate. Up until around age 7, children cannot differentiate between what is real and what is fantasy and games that involve fake blood, scary costumes or pranks may severely frighten and confuse children. While adults may enjoy games that focus on the spooky and scary side of Halloween, the best games for kids will be familiar games played with a Halloween twist.


When hosting a Halloween party where kids will be present, it’s important to have something for the kids to do and to enjoy. When several kids are gathered at a party, things can become chaotic quickly. Organized games can help tame the chaos by providing a structured activity for the children to take part in. Age-appropriate games also provide an opportunity for the children in attendance to take part in the Halloween festivities and to feel included in the event.

Food Games

Several Halloween food games are perfect for kids to play. Kids can bob for apples in a large plastic bin, eat mini doughnuts off a string while their hands are tied behind the back, or have relay races carrying candy corn on spoons. Kids can also form a line and try their best to pass an apple to the next person in line using only their neck and chin.

Outdoor Games

If the weather is nice, outdoor games can bring lots of fun to your Halloween party. Hide the Bones is a favorite Halloween game for kids. Purchase 50 or more small plastic bones from a party store and hide them in the backyard. Give each child a bag or plastic bucket and send them off to find the bones. The child who collects the most bones can have a turn at hiding them. Pinatas are also great for outdoors. Fill a pinata with Halloween-themed candy, stickers or treats and have the children take turns using a broomstick or bat to try to open it.

Indoor Games

If you are stuck inside for your Halloween party, games are still possible. Children may enjoy playing musical chairs to Halloween-themed music. They may also enjoy playing Pin the Face on the Pumpkin. To play, cut a large pumpkin out of orange felt and eyes, a nose and a mouth out of black felt. Affix the pumpkin to the wall, blindfold the children and let them each have a turn trying to put the eyes, nose and mouth on the pumpkin.


Children may become overwhelmed when attending a Halloween party. For children who may not wish to participate in games, having a quiet activity for them to do on their own can be helpful. Having a few Halloween-themed coloring books and crayons, or a Halloween-themed arts and craft project can serve as a distraction to a child who may feel overwhelmed. If you’re hosting a costume party and children will be present, you may also wish to specify that scary costumes are not allowed.

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