Tips on Getting Tight Abs
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Tips on Getting Tight Abs

Most of us long for the flatter stomachs we had before children. While we’ve learned there are more important things in life than a six-pack, it sure would be nice to have a tighter tummy. Here are some tips that can help!

Oblique and Core Exercises

Let’s start with reducing those love handles. Really don’t think there’s much to love about those… Targeting the obliques can help tighten that area. You can start your exercise regimen with a basic stability ball and also a small medicine ball. Lie back onto the stability ball and clutch the medicine ball in your hands. Rotate your torso to the right until you are close to the wall or floor beside you. Repeat the exercise, this time rotating your torso to the left. If you can do three sets of 10, that is the ideal exercise to fight love handles. Work at your level and work up to those repetitions if necessary. For a more challenging move, lie on the floor in push-up position with your feet resting at the edge of the stability ball. Tighten your body, especially those abs and glutes, and use your knees to roll the ball toward the left side of your chest. Release into your starting position. Repeat the movement on the right side, then try to work up to three sets of 10.

Change Your Diet

Belly fat that leads to love handles can often result from a poor diet, according to the Military website. While you don’t have to eat at the mess hall to enjoy a military-style physique, you can indeed reduce your love handles by limiting fried food, snacks like potato chips and refined sugar products, including soft drinks and candy. Also, drinking at least 100 oz. of water a day and downing five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily can greatly reduce your love handles. If you must eat red meat, stop eating the fattier red meats and only eat lean red meat once or twice weekly.

Do Plenty Of Cardio

Don’t just eat better and use oblique-targeting exercises if you want to avoid love handles, notes the Military website. Regular cardio exercises, like walking, jogging and aerobics, are great for your heart and keep that fat burning so you don’t suffer from love handles. At least 20 minutes, preferably 45, of cardiovascular exercise four to five times a week is ideal.

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