Cute Braided Hairstyles for Girls
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Cute Braided Hairstyles for Girls

Girls often have more fun than boys do when it comes to hairstyles. You can style their hair in different styles and add embellishments if you desire. When they play make-believe, their hair is one of their main props, which you can style to match the characters they portray. Give your little girl more reasons to smile with cute braided hairstyles that will make her imagination run wild, or, at the least, make her feel and look prettier.

Princess Anne Braid

For your little girl, a Princess Anne braid will make her feel like a princess all day. To create the look, brush the hair to remove tangles and knots. Then, part hair into two sections at the back, down at the middle. Begin with a French braid by separating each section into three strands crossing right over middle and then left over middle until you reach the neckline. Securing it with a pin will hold the braid in place while you braid the other section.

After braiding both sides, remove the pin from each section and hold the right tail with your right hand and the left tail with your left hand while separating the six strands between your fingers. With both palms facing upward, cross the right strands over the middle and then combine the three strands on the right with the three strands on the left by alternating left strand with the right, middle strand with the other middle strand and the right strand with the left. Pull the strands tightly together and continue to create a basic braid until the end, leaving only 2 inches of strands unbraided. Tie at the end of the knot with elastic band and embellish with colorful ribbons.

Braided Bangs

Give your little girl braided bangs that will keep her face clear while letting the rest of hair down. Creating braided bangs is ideal for girls with a little bit of bangs that you can braid. Brush the girl’s hair to remove knots and tangles. Then, part her hair sideways. Take a 2-inch section from the front of the side-swept bangs and separate it from the rest. Create a basic braid on the 2-inch section by separating it into three smaller sections and crossing right over middle and then left over middle. Leave at least 1 inch and tie it with elastic band. Fasten the braid on the side with bejeweled bobby pins.

Dorothy Braid

Dorothy from the movie “Wizard of Oz” wore two braided pigtails that became one of the character’s main identifying features, along with her blue gingham dress and two red rhinestone shoes. It is so popular that Halloween costume retailers often sell Dorothy wigs complete with pigtails and blue ribbons. Luckily, if your child has long tresses, you do not need to buy her a wig to mimic Dorothy.

Create the look by parting the hair at the back into two, down at the middle. Then, create a basic braid on the lower part of each section, starting from the neck level by crossing right over middle and then left over middle. Tying each end with blue ribbons will complete the Dorothy look.

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