Dress-Up Fashion Games for Girls
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Dress-Up Fashion Games for Girls

When you were a little girl, you probably played dress-up at some point in your childhood. Whether you put on your mother’s shoes and walked around the house or had a treasure chest of dress-up clothing in your bedroom, you fondly remember the days of dress up and dreaming. Now that you have a daughter of your own, encouraging dress-up fashion games seems like a natural next step.

Red Carpet Divas

Contacting everyone you know and asking to borrow their old prom and wedding dresses will give you a great start for the Red Carpet Diva dress-up fashion game. Once you have at least one dress for each invited guest, pick a date and send out invitations. As each girl arrives, have her choose a dress and put it on for the party. Have several adults at the party to serve food. Roll out a piece of red fabric and then have each guest walk the runway, while the cameras snap pictures for the guests to take home.

Fashion Show

Loading a box with costume jewelry sets the stage for the fashion show dress-up party. Invite guests and let them know that they should wear whatever they want to show off on their fashion show runway walk. Once the guests arrive, have some practice modeling sessions before starting the actual show. Play popular music, and introduce each girl as she enters the stage. Give the guests score cards and have them choose their favorite outfits from the show. Make it a rule that they cannot choose the outfit that they brought to wear. After everyone has had a chance to walk the runway, feed the group pizza and punch while they discuss their favorite outfit. The girl who put together the most popular outfit can receive a prize.

Relay Race

You have not lived until you witness 10 little girls playing fashion relay race. In this fashion dress-up game, the participants are expected to put on dress-up clothes over their regular clothing. They are also expected to put on wigs, shoes and jewelry. As each guest completes her outfit as quickly as possible, she must then race to a designated finish line. In their hurry to dress, some outfits are bound to be hilarious and bring lots of fun and laughter to the group.

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