Tail Wags Helmet Covers
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Tail Wags Helmet Covers

blog post photoHow cute are these?  Biking with your kids in the park, heading down the path with your kids racing ahead of you, wouldn’t you like to be able to keep a better eye on them in the biking crowd of kids? How about while your little ones are on the slopes skiing or snowboarding super fast down the hill?

A helmet cover will let you keep your eye on them all the way down. These Tail Wags Helmet Covers are made from super-soft fleece and they fit right on top of your own helmet. One size fits all helmets and can chose from a variety of adorable and funny animals.  Of course, they are washable & resist fading. So fun for kids of all ages.

$49.00 at www.victoriapzurcher.com

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