Ideas for a Green & Blue Nursery
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Ideas for a Green & Blue Nursery

Blues and greens bring in natural, lively colors into a nursery, for either baby boys or baby girls. Colors can range from brilliantly bright to subtle pale, making them a great foundation for a variety of themes and accents. Whether you’ve peeked at the ultrasound or are keeping the baby’s sex a surprise, blues and greens lay the groundwork for a welcoming nursery.

Boy or Girl

Blues aren’t just for boys anymore. Break outside the traditional color-gender roles and use blues and greens for your daughter’s nursery as well. Working in hints of more feminine colors or sticking with a light palette will let you bring blue and green shades into her nursery. If your little baby girl has a big brother, reuse his bedding or furniture instead of spending time and money on a new set of items. After all, you’ve learned to use these with precision.


Blues and greens work into a number of themes. Light and pastel varieties are ideal for a nursery rhyme theme, with airy pictures of Mother Goose and Humpty Dumpty accenting the room. For a natural approach, use blues and greens with a garden or flowers theme. A mural on the wall of a bright blue sky and field of grass and wildflowers displays these colors. It will be easy to tie in bedding, mobiles, pictures and other items.


Painting the walls blue or green makes them the foundation colors of the room. You can then tie-in accent pieces that highlight the femininity, masculinity or neutrality of the room. Use white or brown furniture to keep the pieces neutral. Accessorize with toys, bedding, blankets and picture frames that tie in hints of pink, red or purple, if you have a girl, and darker blues or greens, if you have a boy.


The neutral nature of blue and green allow you to create a room for twins, triplets or more. Blue and green walls, ceiling, floors and furniture keep the room unified. Create an individual space around each child’s crib with pictures, toys or a miniature mural on the wall. Boys can have boats, trains, cars, planes or other primary-colored automobiles. Girls can have flowers, fairies or princesses.

Grow Into It

Blues and greens give your child a nursery to grow into. Instead of creating an infant-specific room, paint the walls a warm, neutral color and the ceiling a blue sky. Change out accents as your child grows. The room can transform into any of her interests, such as a jungle, sports, underwater or castle theme.

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