Fun Family Indoor Games
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Fun Family Indoor Games

Indoor family games are a great way to stay busy on a rainy day or spend time together as a family any night of the week. Everyday life is so busy now that families rarely have free time to spend together without being interrupted by extracurricular activities, homework and the demands of employment. Taking time to enjoy each other as a family by playing indoor games together gives family members a chance to learn to relax together and get to know each other as individuals.

Board Games

Board games are a classic choice for indoor family games, and they can be found in a wide variety to fit different ages and interests. Board games for younger family members can help strengthen developmentally appropriate skills and encourage communication between family members. While some board games can take an extended period of time to play, games can be broken up into short sessions of play or you can choose a game that requires shorter playing time if you have only a few minutes to spare. Classic games such as Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land and Uno can be played as a frugal entertainment option on a weekend or as a way to unwind after a busy weekday.

Hide and Go Seek

Young children (and their parents) have enjoyed playing hide and go seek for generations. This simple game is a developmental step up from peek-a-boo but can be enjoyed well into the teenage years if you add some additional challenges to the rules of the games. Try playing hide and go seek in the dark or outside by flashlight. Play hide and go seek in teams of two to make it more challenging to find a hiding spot that works or to help include younger family members.

Video Games

Video games have traditionally not involved much interaction with family members, but newer systems, such as the Nintendo Wii encourage group play and interactive approaches to favorite games. Researchers from the Mayo Clinic have even found that participating in interactive video games can help promote physical fitness and can improve balance, hand-eye coordination and social interactions.


Puzzles are often overlooked in favor of more high-tech entertainment options, but they can provide a great challenge for family members to tackle together. Simple puzzles can be assembled with younger family members as a way to spend quality time together, teach basic developmental skills and give children a sense of accomplishment. More complicated puzzles can be put together as a family in several smaller sessions, or you can challenge yourselves to put together a large puzzle as part of a party if you have a large group of people. Puzzles can be glued together and framed as a reminder of your accomplishments and can make fun decorations for a family game room.


Charades is a classic word-guessing game that doesn’t require any supplies and can be adapted to any skill level. Split family members into teams, and encourage friendly competition to make things exciting. Charades can be played as a fun Friday night activity or as a party game with family members and friends. This classic favorite encourages conversation and helps younger family members practice conversation and social skills.

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