Graduation & Birthday & Confirmation Party Ideas
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Graduation & Birthday & Confirmation Party Ideas

The path to adulthood contains several milestones for children. Certain birthdays, such as the 13th, Sweet 16 and 18th, seem more important than others and may deserve bigger and more elaborate parties. Other milestones include graduating from high school or college and being confirmed in their faith for some children. No matter what the milestone, make it one to remember by throwing your child a great party.


While your child’s birthday may not occur at the same time as any of his friends, his graduation and confirmation will most likely happen at the same time as his peers’. You’ll need to take this into account when planning a graduation or confirmation party. You may want to hold the party a week or so before or after the actual event to avoid overlapping with his friends’ parties. You may also want to coordinate with other parents in his class and see if you can hold a joint or group party.


Choose a theme for the party, such as a Hawaiian or Western theme. You can stick with graduation or confirmation as a theme for those two parties, but you may have a bit more fun planning if you add another theme to it as well. For a graduation party, you can make one of your child’s goals the theme. For instance, if your child wants to be a scientist, make science the theme. If she wants to be a dancer, make dance the theme. You can also make the college your child is headed off to as the theme of the party.

Indoors vs. Outdoors

Most people graduate in the late spring or early summer, and confirmations usually happen in the springtime. If the weather permits, consider holding the graduation, confirmation or birthday party outdoors. You can hold it in a local park or in your backyard if space permits. If you have a pool, invite people to go swimming. You can also set up a water games area, with squirt guns, a hose and sprinkler and water balloons.

Set Up Stations

Depending on the size of the party, you may want to establish different areas for different activities. You won’t need to do so if the party is small, since the group will most likely stay together. For parties of more than 20 people, set up a self-serve food area, a game area, dancing area and areas for any other activity you plan on having. If you plan on having cake and ice cream, keep that area off limits until it is time to sing “Happy Birthday” or congratulate the graduate or confirmee.


You may want to hire a DJ or local band to provide music at the party, especially if it is a Sweet 16 or graduation party for a teenager. For a small child’s birthday, consider hiring a clown to entertain the guests. If your child likes animals, see if you can rent a pony or traveling petting zoo for the party. A talented magician can entertain guests of all ages and is suitable for birthday, graduation or confirmation parties.

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