A Treatment to Increase Female Sex Drive
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A Treatment to Increase Female Sex Drive

Nearly half of all women complain about a decreased sexual drive, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Low sex drive could be due to physical, psychological or a combination of both reasons. If you have pain during sex, difficulty having an orgasm or vaginal dryness, you may not be all that interested in having sex.

Determine the Reason

Before you get a treatment to increase your sex drive, you and your health care provider need to determine what the problem is. Certain antidepressants cause a decreased sex drive. Hormonal imbalances, drug abuse, depression, anxiety, stress and certain medical conditions all can interfere with your interest in wanting sex.

If Menopause is the Cause

Menopause is a common reason for women to experience a decrease in their sex drive. The first course of treatment if menopause is causing you to have vaginal dryness is estrogen therapy, such as a vaginal ring or cream, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. A testosterone patch is another alternative. But, controversy remains as to using testosterone for sexual dysfunction, as of 2010.

Experimental Pill

Sometimes, women have lack of sexual desire for no medical reasons. This psychiatric condition is called hypoactive sexual desire disorder, and drug companies have been searching for a pill to treat this condition, similar to how Viagra works for men, according to “Time Magazine.” Flibanserin is the drug that seems promising, as of 2009. German researchers reported an increase in sexually satisfying episodes and an increase in sexual desire in women, according to “Time Magazine.”

Complexity of Female Libido

A woman’s libido is more complicated than a man’s. For that reason, that is why a Viagra-like pill may not be the answer. Simply bringing more blood to the genital area may not be enough to treat a woman’s sex drive issues. Most women benefit from a multifaceted approach, according to the MSN website. Depending on why a woman has lost her sex drive, treatment may include sex therapy, counseling, lifestyle changes or medications.

Lifestyle and Relationship Treatments

Exercise can enhance your mood and your libido. Include Kegel exercises into your exercise routine to increase your muscles’ likelihood to help your sexual sensations. Figuring out how to deal with your stress can help, as can finding ways to bring joy into your life. The relationship you have with your partner directly affects your desire to have sex with him. Work on your communication skills to increase your intimacy, recommends the MSN website.

Natural Treatments

You might also increase your sex drive by using vitamin E, according to WebMD. Stick a pin in a capsule, and apply to your vagina several times a week. This may help to rehydrate tissue and increase sensation. Zestra, a blend of botanicals and vitamins, can increase your arousal, desire and ability to orgasm when you massage this oil on your genital area. The nutritional supplement, ArginMax, increases sexual desire in some women.

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