Pills to Take to Increase Male Fertility
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Pills to Take to Increase Male Fertility

If you’re unable to conceive a child, your partner may suffer from a low sperm count or related fertility problems, according to the Net Doctor website. Medications, injuries and physical conditions can all impact a man’s ability to create a child. Fertility medications are available to help men with infertility issues, but they are not guaranteed to result in the conception of a little bundle of joy.


Clomiphene, a prescription-only fertility drug, can help some men conceive a child, according to the Baby Center website. This medication is more commonly used to treat female infertility, notes both the Baby Center and MedLinePlus websites. A number of side effects can result from clomiphene treatment, including flushing, vomiting, upset stomach and headaches. Rare but potentially serious side effects requiring prompt medical attention include blurred vision, unexpected weight gain, double vision and shortness of breath. Clomiphene is usually marketed under the brand names Clomid and Serophene.


FertilAid is an over-the-counter supplement with a formula specifically geared toward increasing male fertility, according to the manufacturer’s website. This multivitamin blend includes the amino acid L-carnitine, essential vitamins and minerals as well as several antioxidants. FertilAid purportedly increases male sperm count and quality to help aid conception. The manufacturer claims that FertilAid does not cause side effects; men taking other drugs should not try this supplement without a doctor’s approval. Men trying this multivitamin usually need to take three doses a day, with meals, for at least three months to see if it works for their fertility needs.

Phertility Maxx

Phertility Maxx is an over-the-counter herbal blend that claims to increase sperm count and texture, according to the manufacturer’s website. The ingredients include herbs, such as horny goat weed, wolf berry, dong quai and plantain seeds. Many of these herbs are proven as helpful for fertility through Chinese medicine, according to the manufacturer’s website. However, women should not take this supplement under any circumstances. Also, as of 2010 Phertility Maxx comes with a money-back guarantee. Keep in mind that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not make evaluations on the efficacy of Phertility Maxx or similar treatments, so keep that in mind before trying any male fertility pills.

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