Cool Ideas for a 15th Birthday Party
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Cool Ideas for a 15th Birthday Party

Fifteenth birthdays are sometimes overlooked with all the focus on a “sweet 16.” Plan a celebration for your 15-year-old that’s cool and fun for her and her friends as each birthday for a teen is another steppingstone to adulthood. Expand on something your teen is already into, or help her plan something new and exciting.


Going somewhere with all his friends, such as an arcade, amusement park, the movies, batting cages, bowling alley or skating rink, is a nice treat if your teen and his friends enjoy these places but don’t get to go often. Put together a new experience or special treat if time, budget and your teen’s personality allow. For example, rent a limousine to pick up your teen and his friends at different locations. Have the driver take them to a fancy restaurant, concert, sporting event or send them on a citywide scavenger hunt.


Sleepovers work for boys or girls. Girls might enjoy an all-night chick flick marathon while they give each other manicures, pedicures and facials or have a craft party where they make T-shirts, tie-dye pillow cases or jewelry. Boys or girls might enjoy a cooking lesson and making a large dinner with a variety of desserts. Video game marathons could include music games or sports games. Set up a mock game of your teen’s favorite reality show.


Plan an adventure for your teen if he’s on the adventurous side. Devote an entire weekend for a hiking, rock climbing, rafting, snowboarding or camping trip for a few of his closest friends. Have a professional instructor accompany the teens for safety reasons. Active parties, such as paintball guns or laser tag, can work as well. A murder-mystery dinner can give the teens a chance to dress up, act and solve an old-fashioned “who dunnit” while they enjoy a feast.

Laid Back

Simple parties might be best for your teen if she’s quiet or laid back by nature. Consider a relaxing day by the pool, lake or beach if the weather permits. Host a luau (even indoors) for an instant party with a calming vibe. Play island music and decorate with palm trees (blowup, silk or paper). Give each guest a silk lei as they enter. Play your teen’s favorite movies on a large projector in your backyard or in the park with blankets spread out under the stars and a picnic-style dinner with lots of movie snacks.


Themed parties can be easy to plan and fun to execute as each element of the party relates to the next. Plan a huge carnival party in your backyard or at the park with game booths, such as a dunking tank, and concession stands with your teen’s favorite carnival food. Your 15-year-old and his friends might enjoy the fun and childish ambience of a carnival with a mature twist. A coed themed dance party, such as a glow-in-the-dark black light or black-and-white party, can give the teens an opportunity to interact in a mature setting. Put together a Las Vegas-style casino theme with a casual undertone or a fancy, back-room high roller casino party if your teen wants to dress up. Ask a few friends to help with the party by standing in as a bouncer, dealers and cocktail waitresses. Serve little mocktails (nonalcoholic cocktails) with umbrellas to make the teens feel more grown-up.

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