Valentine’s Love Games
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Valentine’s Love Games

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, many couples opt to celebrate with a romantic dinner and the exchange of gifts. While these time-tested traditions are certainly effective ways to give and receive affection, they are hardly original. To spice up your next Valentine’s Day, engage your partner in some romantic game play that gives you the opportunity to laugh and play together on this lover’s day.

Hidden Kisses

Make your Valentine’s love fest competitive with a hidden kisses game. To prepare for this game, create pink and blue lip prints by selecting a lip print image and recoloring the image on your computer. Print out 10 pink and 10 blue lip prints. As your Valentine’s evening begins, present the game to your partner. Give him the 10 blue lip prints and instruct him to hide them around the house. You do the same with your prissy pink prints. After all prints are hidden, race to locate the hidden prints. The player who finds all the prints hidden by her partner first, wins the game and should be given some extra Valentine’s attention.

“Us” Trivia

Think back on your relationship with an “Us” trivia game. After finishing your tasty Valentine’s dinner, give your partner a sheet of paper. Ask him to write down 10 trivia questions pertaining to your relationship. You take a sheet of paper and do the same. After you have each written your questions, swap papers and attempt to answer the questions posed by the other partner. Once you have both had time to attempt the questions, discuss them, sharing your answers and reflecting with love upon your relationship’s past.

Love and War

Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to learn more about your partner with a Love and War card game. To prepare for this game, obtain a standard deck of cards. When playtime arrives, distribute the cards evenly between both players. This game follows the same rules as the standard War game. To play, each player flips over the top card in his deck. The player whose card is highest wins that round and collects the two cards. To add an element of love to this game, the player who wins the round also gets to pose a question to his partner. Continue in this fashion, following the War rules and learning about your partner as the sun sets on your Valentine’s Day.

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