Bachelorette & Birthday Party Games
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Bachelorette & Birthday Party Games

Whether it’s here comes the bride or here comes the birthday girl, you can throw a memorable, game-filled party for one of your girlfriends. Grown-up party games can work for both a bachelorette or a birthday party. You can keep things clean or go wild; just keep the guest of honor’s taste in mind when planning the games.

Time Frame

Keep the length of the party in mind when picking games. You may want to start the party off with a game or two, then move on to other planned activities. For instance, if you plan on hitting a bar or strip club for a bachelorette party, play a game as you wait for the guests to gather at the meeting place, then head out. You may want to play games all night, in which case, plan on playing a new game every half hour or hour.


Bachelorette parties are not known for being quiet and tame affairs. If the bride to be is the type to party hard, you may want to play a few drinking games. You can also turn a birthday party or bachelorette party into a casino night, and have several rounds of poker or black jack going. Trivia games celebrating the guest of honor are also fun. Before the party, ask the birthday girl or bachelorette specific questions, record the answers, then see which guest knows her the best.

Games Based on Location

If the party will take place at a bar or club, you can bring other patrons into the action. A scavenger hunt is a great game to play when you are hitting several bars in one evening. Other games that require you to hit the town include rating the men at the bar (it may be the bride’s last chance to do so) and seeing how many guys you can get to eat a piece of candy off the guest of honor’s shirt.

Other Activities

You don’t have to dedicate the entire party to a series of clean or raunchy games. Pick one central activity, such as karaoke or hitting a local spa, and plan the games around that. For instance, before you head to the spa, you can all give each other silly makeovers. You could also have a fortune-themed party, and hire a palm reader to read the guests’ palms. Before the fortune teller arrives, spend some time thinking of silly fortunes for each other.


Keep the birthday girl’s or bachelorette’s taste in mind when choosing games. Not everyone will be keen on having a strange man eat candy off her shirt and not everyone wants to party with alcohol. If you do play drinking games, set a limit and watch that guests don’t get too bombed. You may want to turn the party into a grown-up sleepover, so that you don’t have to worry about guests getting home safely after drinking.

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