How to Treat Diaper Rash in a Baby
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How to Treat Diaper Rash in a Baby

Seeing a rash on your baby’s bottom can make you feel guilty. You know that your baby is suffering, and you may feel as though it is your fault. Diaper rash can come from a variety of sources–wet diapers, a change in diet or even a particular brand of diaper. Fortunately, once you’ve determined why your baby has the problem, you can work toward making her more comfortable, eliminating the rash and preventing it from happening again.

Step 1

Ditch the diapers. Whenever possible, allow your child to play diaper free. The fresh air can help dry damp skin, and give the rash a chance to heal. Prepare to clean up messes, though.

Step 2

Apply white zinc oxide to the affected area. This is a thick cream that you can find in the baby section that provides a barrier against wetness. If you are letting your child go diaper-free, you don’t need this cream, but if you are going to put a diaper on, apply the cream.

Step 3

Change diapers frequently. If your child stays wet, it could irritate the area. Even disposable diapers leave a bit of wetness on your baby’s bottom. Check his diaper once an hour. If it’s wet, change it.

Step 4

Switch diaper brands or detergents. If you have recently bought a new kind of diaper because that’s what was on sale or your favorite brand wasn’t available at the store, it could be the diaper that is causing the rash. Switching brands may alleviate the problem. If you use cloth diapers, it could be a change in detergent that’s causing the problem.

Step 5

Avoid plastic cover-ups. If you’re using cloth diapers, you may cover the diaper with plastic or “rubber” pants. These create a hot moisture, which can cause irritation.

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